Welcome to The Masonic Ascent Association


The Masonic Ascent Association is a Non-Profit Corporation - Tax Exempt 501c(10) created exclusively as a center of union for Freemasons who desire to study and promote the mystic art, its history, philosophy, rites, customs, and practices while promoting the common good and general welfare of its community by promoting and disseminating those tenets of Freemasonry that bring about civic betterment and social improvement for the greater community at-large.

The Masonic Ascent Association supports and conducts research, education, and informational activities to increase awareness of the need for brotherly love, truth, relief, and charity toward all mankind.

The Masonic Assent Association host Masonic Lodge Fundraising Event activities which include raffles, dinners, themed event venues and ticketed entertainment venues. The purpose of each activity is to create a venue and atmosphere that allows for wholesome community entertainment while also reinforcing the physical, visible, positive influences each Masonic Lodge and Organization can have within it's own community.

The Masonic Ascent Association Inc. time and resources are also devoted towards educational forums, workshops and seminars that are designed to strengthen community relations and the personal and moral integrity of existing Freemasons based upon Masonic principles, philosophy and teachings.

Our Masonic educational forums, workshops and seminars teach and expose the local community to all of the vast public assistance programs and community development resources made available to them through their various local Masonic Lodges and Affiliated Organizations. Additional workshops will be provided to existing Freemasons regarding the traditional teachings and appropriate practices of Freemasonry, thus allowing each individual Freemason be become a stronger more effective public servant to their community.