002: The Answer To the Second Question

001: Worthy and Well-Qualified
August 5, 2005
003: Working For the Man
October 6, 2005

002: The Answer To the Second Question

Episode 2: The Answer To the Second Question
Show Log

00:00 Hello! Welcome international listeners

00:26 Aloha to the Lodge Le Progres de l’Oceanie, F. & A.M

02:00 Chapter 1: Asking the First Question

04:29 A hard question to answer (interviews)

08:33 Understanding what Freemasonry offers: common experiences?

10:42 MUSIC: “The Girl Who Has Everything” by Motherboard, available at Podcast NYC

14:25 Chapter 2: Understanding Manhood in America

14:32 Interview with Robert G. Davis, author of Understanding Manhood in America: Freemasonry’s Enduring Path to the Mature Masculine

16:53 Three male archetypes

19:19 The Self-Made Man and the cult of individualism

20:26 Davis on initiating men into manhood

22:57 Davis on what Freemasonry offers young men

24:37 Davis on bringing Masonry back from irrelevance

28:16 MUSIC: “In a Long Time” by 46 Bliss, available on the PodSafe Music Network

32:50 Chapter 3: The Second Question: It’s About Getting Along

34:10 The difference between friends and brothers

36:28 The answer to the Second Question

39:10 Outro

40:13 CODA: Appeal for victims of Hurricane Katrina

Special thanks to our guests: Bro. Joe; Bro. Nick , Bro. Howard, Bro. Alex, W. Bro. Robert G. Davis. Special thanks to Bro. Antonio Quevedo of Campinas, Brazil

The opinions expressed in this show are strictly those of X-Oriente and its editorial staff, and do not reflect those of any Lodge, Grand Lodge or appendant body. UPDATE: HURRICANE KATRINA RELIEF: The Masonic Service Foundation of North America is coordinating a relief effort for brethren and their families that have been stricken by Hurricane Katrina. You can get details of the effort here, or you can make an online donation via the Philalethes Society web site. Brothers, please be generous.

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