053: Manifesto!

052: Housekeeping
January 24, 2015
054: For the Love of Wisdom
March 20, 2015

053: Manifesto!

Sure we’ve read our share of Masonic Manifestos. Down with drive-through Masonry! Up with Standards! Better degrees! Festive Boards! And there is nothing to disagree with in them. But what if we’re missing something? What if a decline in standards is only a part of the picture? What if we’ve declined in social relevance and we can’t articulate the value we bring to society enough to attract the kind of man that wants what we have and has what we need?

In this episode we’ll begin to explore the problem and in future episode we’ll look at solutions. The world needs Freemasonry more than it ever did. Are we up to the¬†challenge to make ourselves the cutting edge of society once again?

Also special thanks and welcome to our newest Xecutive Producers!

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