2017 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists

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March 22, 2017
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2017 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists

2017 Scottish Rite Has Talent Finalists

March 22, 2017

Talent finalists and guests perform the finale at the 2016 Celebrating the Craft.

Above: Scottish Rite Has Talent finalists and guests perform the finale for the 2016 Celebrating the Craft (CTC).

2017 Talent Finalists

We are pleased to announce your 2017 Scottish Rite Has Talent finalists!

Adam Creighton, 32° Seattle, WA Vocalist
Crispy Family Carnival (Charles C. Knight, 32°) Tulsa, OK Circus
Pete Johnson, Jr., 32° Tucson, AZ Tenor Sax
Edwin Josey, 32° & Andi Tillman* Nashville, TN Country Duo
Jason Charles Miller, 32°* Pasadena, CA Vocalist
William “Beaux” Pettys II, 32° Atlanta, GA Guitarist/Vocalist
John Walter Sayne, 32°* Knoxville, TN Pianist
Nashville R & R* (Jon Weaver III, 33°; Edwin Benson III, 32°; & Fay Benson-Weaver) Nashville, TN Country Band
Allen Smith, 32°* Atlanta, GA Guitarist/Vocalist
Michael Swartz, 32°* Memphis, TN Painter
Kenneth Theobald, 32° Atlanta, GA Vocalist
Tony Vegas, 32°* Panama City, FL Guitarist

*Returning finalist

Thank you to all the brethren who submitted talent this year.

What Is Scottish Rite Has Talent?

Scottish Rite Has Talent is a program that supports the annual webcast fundraiser, Celebrating the Craft (CTC). The above finalists will perform during this year’s CTC, which will air live Saturday, May 20, via the web from 6 pm–12 Midnight (Eastern). It is a unique opportunity to share and celebrate our talented Scottish Rite members throughout the Southern Jurisdiction.

Source: Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J., U.S.A.