‘300: Freemasonry’s Legacy, Freemasonry’s Future’

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March 5, 2017
Mar 5, AF and AM vs F and AM STATES – Masonic jurisdictional differences.
March 6, 2017

‘300: Freemasonry’s Legacy, Freemasonry’s Future’

Unless I’m particularly out of touch, which is not impossible, I’ve been missing announcements one might expect to see of Masonic celebrations of the tercentennial celebration of the London revival. June 24 is the date. It lands on a Saturday this year, so I’m thinking the timing is perfect for a weekend of commemoration—swinging from the reflective to the raucous.

But, again, I’m failing to see any announcement of a party, except of course for the United Grand Lodge of England’s widespread events…

And The Masonic Roundtable’s plans. From the publicity:

300: Freemasonry’s Legacy,
Freemasonry’s Future
June 23-24

Friday, June 23:
Early arrivals and registration ■ Masonic tours of DC and surrounding area (TBD)
7 p.m. dinner at local restaurant (TBD) ■ Agenda to be revealed as details emerge!

Saturday, June 24:
George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Notable Masonic speakers highlighting the past and future of Freemasonry! ■ Trivia games with Prizes, Prizes, Prizes! ■ Masonic vendors! ■ Fellowship! Much more coming soon!!!

Get your tickets here. Sales end June 1. Early Bird Ticket: $99.00 + $3.47 fee.

I congratulate these Freemasons for getting something going. Unless something materializes in New York, I think I’ll be there.

Source: The Magpie Mind