Jan 15, MASONIC CUFFLINKS – Square & Compasses, Scottish Rite, Shrine

Ocean Lodge 89 in Spring Lake Heights, NJ
January 16, 2017
Jan 16, MASONIC JEWELRY – Explanation of the symbols and emblems
January 16, 2017

Jan 15, MASONIC CUFFLINKS – Square & Compasses, Scottish Rite, Shrine

Masonic Cufflinks

Masonic cufflinks are worn by members of the Freemason fraternity to a wide range of fraternal functions, from Craft Lodge (Blue Lodge in the United States) meetings to Annual Communications at the Grand Lodge.

At the lodge level, Master Mason members wear them to lodge meetings and nearly anywhere else that is an official function, such as to officer installation ceremonies, cornerstone laying ceremonies, dedications of Masonic buildings, funeral services, as well as to open meetings, and other special occasions such as Grand Lodge annual communication meetings.

They are worn by the Grand Master, Grand Lodge officers, members of the Scottish Rite, the York Rite and the Shrine, and by members of other appendant Freemason organizations.

You will also see them worn at nearly all Masonic Shrine Temple functions such as at Masonic Balls held at the Temple, at New Year’s parties, and most other formal events.

Members of the fraternity are proud of being a Freemason and proud of what Freemasonry stands for and its meaning in their lives.  Like other Masonic jewelry, they are an outward showing of each member’s pride in the fraternity.

Square and Compasses Cufflinks

Freemason cufflinks worn by lodge members typically display the logo of Freemasonry, the Square and Compasses emblem.

Scottish Rite Double Eagle Cufflinks

Freemasons who are members of Scottish Rite in the Northern Jurisdiction wear Scottish Rite cufflinks with the eagle’s wings slanted upward. Scottish Rite members in the Southern Jurisdiction wear their cufflinks with the eagle’s wings slanted downward.

Shrine Cufflinks

Shrine cufflinks display their Masonic logo, the claw,sphinx and scimitar emblem.

These shirt sleeve fasteners are available in 14k gold, sterling silver, gold tone, and gold plated versions.

Some are also available with matching tie tacs and shirt studs.

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