For the past six years, Bro. Robert Herd has worked diligently to compile the writings of contemporary Masonic Authors into a Masonic Magazine. We recently learned that Bro. Herd would stop publishing his magazine, which saddened many Brother around the world. However, Bro. Herd lifted everyone’s spirits again by announcing that he would open the entire collection of Masonic Education for download. That’s right, you can now download every issue of Living Stones Magazine for your edification and the spread of Light.

We thank Bro. Herd for such a generous gesture.

I had the privilege of interviewing Bro. Herd about his Masonic Career and his publication. In our discussion, we cover the beginning of the magazine publication, the importance of finding practical applications to the lessons of Masonry, and Bro. Herd’s involvement in the development of what we call the “Traditional Observance” movement in Freemasonry.

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