‘Livingston Library lecture and debut of Ari’s Art’

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April 6, 2017
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‘Livingston Library lecture and debut of Ari’s Art’

The lecture series at the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library of the Grand Lodge of New York will continue in three weeks with the return of Bro. Ari Roussimoff, who will discuss the Masonic inspirations behind his paintings, and will unveil a new painting. From the publicity:

Ari Roussimoff Lecture and Exhibit
Thursday, April 27 at 6:30 p.m.
Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Library
Masonic Hall
71 West 23rd Street, 14th floor

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Ari Roussimoff, a critically acclaimed painter and film director, has been called one of the most prolific and creative artists of his generation. His paintings of Russian, Ukrainian, and symbolic Masonic themes have earned him much praise. Early on, his work was even lauded by the modern art masters Marc Chagall and Oskar Kokoschka. Having become a Freemason in 2002, he has devoted many paintings to Masonic subjects. Inspired by Freemasonry and its rich symbols, he incorporates Masonic ideas and philosophies into uniquely imaginative compositions. In addition, Roussimoff has revived painted Masonic aprons, embedding them with his very own artistic vision.

He will be speaking about how the symbols and ideals of Freemasonry have given him the inspiration to create artwork that integrates the Masonic spirit into an altogether universal context. Roussimoff will also be debuting his newest Masonic artwork.

Seating is very limited, so please RSVP here.

We serve white wine and water at our lectures. Note: Photo ID is required to enter Masonic Hall.

In other library and museum news, an exhibit will be installed on the ground floor of Masonic Hall to present a sampling of the Livingston Library’s massive collection of Masonic aprons. Click here to see more. Click here to see Catherine Walter’s blog post introducing the exhibit. (Photos courtesy Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library.)



Source: The Magpie Mind