‘Masonic fine arts festival coming to Virginia’

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March 3, 2017
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March 3, 2017

‘Masonic fine arts festival coming to Virginia’

Ah, the first day of Spring is near, but looking ahead already to Autumn we see the Association of Masonic Arts will hold its second Apollo Festival, a celebration of the fine arts in Freemasonry. From the publicity:

We are beyond excited to announce that the Association of Masonic Arts will be holding the second Apollo Festival, a gathering of international Masonic Artists, from September 28 through October 1 at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

The greatest Masonic artists from around the world all in one place. We hope to see you there!


Courtesy Henry W. Coil Library & Museum

Apollo, as depicted on the frontispiece
of Andersons Constitutions of 1723.

In the history of the Freemasonry, Apollo appeared on the frontispiece of the Masonic Constitution from 1723, engraved by our extraordinarily talented Brother John Pine.

In honor of our beginning and all reach symbolism related to Apollo, we decided to choose Apollo for symbolic presentation and patron of the World Festival of Masonic Arts.

The first Festival of Masonic Arts was hosted by Grand Orient of Brazil from 15th to 20th of September 2015 in the capital Brasilia. It was organized under the personal patronage of MW Marcos Jose da Sylva, with the invaluable help of our Grand Ambassador RW Brother Paulo Alves Koo, and Honorable Ambassadors Jose Arimateia Soares de Almeida, Jose Eduardo de Miranda, and thousands of Brazilian brethren, supporting the Festival.

Do visit the Association’s website to learn more about this, and to see the lengthy, and presumably impressive, roster of participants. Needless to say, Bro. Ryan Flynn is among them. And get to Alexandria to enjoy this festival! Judging from the international presence of the Association’s membership, there is no telling where future events will be held, so take advantage of the convenience of attending in Virginia.

Source: The Magpie Mind